Temporary Email: How to Use and Why Should You Use?

Temporary Email How to Use and Why Should You Use
Temporary Email How to Use and Why Should You Use

Hey guys, we are living in the internet era. Most of us plays game online, watch movies and web series online and do many more stuffs online. But, almost all of these websites and applications do not allow us to use their content in free. They charges for subscription or membership.

Why we need a Temporary Email ID?

There are some websites and applications which requires email id to sign up into their website. Signing up into their website is not a very big problem. But, they send us many types of emails including survey, feedback, new post etc. Another issue is what if our data is not safe by signing up in that website?

Is there not any solution to handle these emails which can be headache most of the times for us? I have good news for you. It’s a Temporary Email. Yes, you read it right.

What Is a Temporary Email ID?

Temporary Email is a service in which you use kind of fake email id for your purpose. Temporary mail ID means use and throw email ID. As it’s name suggests, it’s a temporary. Temporary mail addresses can be created for some specific reason to use for temporary time. You don’t even need to create or delete it. It is created by itself and deleted by itself after your work is done. Temporary mail also known as disposable email or fake email. You don’t need to provide any data to create temporary email id like your name, surname, date of birth etc.

Benefits of Temporary Email ID

  • Your personal email id is safe.
    • In last few years, online security increases with time. But, it’s not completely just chilllll situation. You have to be careful all the time. Because, if you signed up in the website with low level security and your data goes into wrong hand, then it can create trouble for you. Temporary email can be very beneficial while dealing with these types of website. Because you never know at which time website can be hacked.
  • No more junk emails in your inbox.
    • When we sign up into any website they send us many types of emails including survey, feedback, new post, spam, junk, advertising mails etc. Here, comes the temporary email in the center point. Marketer does not have our actual email id so they can’t send us any type of email which can be headache for us. Major advantage is you can receive offers, confirmation email, sign up information on temporary email etc.
  • Use it anytime you want.
    • There is no any limit to use temporary email. You can use it 24 X 7 X 365. Even you don’t need to remember it. You can have always fresh new email id whenever you want. You can change the email id instantly before use.
  • No limit in temporary emails. You can use as many you want.
    • Suppose if you just finished your work and disposed that email id and now you need it again. Don’t worry. You can get a new one before blinking of your eyes.

How to Use Temporary Email?

  • Open your Browser.
  • To create your temporary mail id click here. You will land on a website https://temp-mail.org/
  • This website will automatically create a temporary mail id for you. Wait for few seconds to display it on your screen. After you see mail id on your screen, click on copy button like this Temporary Email - Copy Button to copy email id and paste it where you want to sign up. Don’t Close the temporary mail website. You might need it in next minutes.
    • Temporary Email
  • In another website where you are signing up, if you are prompted to enter some text (like any 4-6 digit code or any random text) then come back at temporary mail website. Scroll down to the Inbox section, find and open received mail and provide the text for which you were requested for. For example, I have submitted fake email id from this site and got mail to confirm subscription. In your case, you might receive any code or any subscription link.
    • Temporary Email Inbox

Now, you know about temporary mail and how to use it. These fake email id can make safe your private details using this website. If you find this post helpful then share it with your family and friends to let them know about it and protect their valuable private details. Have a great time.

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