What is a Windows Firewall and How to Use it?

Windows Firewall
Windows Firewall

What is a Firewall?

Most of the people have herd a term Windows Firewall. A term Firewall came from firefighting. A firewall acts as a wall between your device and your network. It acts as a barrier between networks that can damage your security and network.

A firewall is a system, designed to prevent unauthorized access to or from a private network. You can implement a firewall in either as hardware or software, or a combination of both. Firewalls prevent unauthorized internet users from accessing private networks connected to the internet, especially intranets.

Firewall as Hardware:

A hardware firewall is a network security device that monitors incoming and outgoing network traffic and decides whether to allow or block specific traffic based on a defined set of security rules. In another term, Hardware Firewall is a physical device similar to a server that filters traffic to a computer. They inspect traffic as it enters and leaves the computer and, based on some simple rules, either allow or deny that traffic.

Firewall as Software:

Windows Firewall is a Microsoft Windows application/software that filters information coming to your system from the Internet and blocking potentially harmful programs.

Windows Firewall is a packet filter and stateful host based firewall that allows or blocks network traffic according to the configuration. When using a public network, Windows Firewall can also secure the system by blocking all unsolicited attempts to connect to your computer.

How Firewall works?

Firewall works as a filtration system for the data attempting to enter your computer or network. It examines the information coming through your internet connection. Firewall scans packets for malicious code or attack vectors that have already been identified as established threats. They represent a first line of defense because they can stop a malicious program or attacker from gaining access to your network and information before any potential damage is done.

Antivirus VS Firewall

Firewall virus protection observes traffic in the network thereby inhibiting malicious data from entering the network hence thwarting viruses. However, the virus can enter your computer through a spam link, download or from a flash drive. Windows Firewall or any other firewall program, can help notify you about suspicious activity if a virus or worm tries to connect to your PC. It can also block viruses, worms, and attackers sending potentially harmful apps to your PC.

Antivirus is a software program that detects and deletes/removes/blocks a viruses that could damage your devices or even can destroy whole devices.

VPN VS Firewall?

A VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It encrypts all of your device’s traffic. By encrypting your data using VPN, your data becomes hidden and unreadable for everyone else on your network, government and your ISP. A VPN can provide a controlled connectivity on the internet.

How to Check Windows Firewall Status?

  • Open Control Panel
    • Open Control Panel in Windows
  • If you are using Large icons or Small icons then Click on Windows Firewall
    • Windows Firewall from Large or Small Icons
  • If you are using Category then Click on System and Security and then select Windows Firewall
    • Windows- System and Security Windows Firewall from System and Security
  • Click on Change Notification Setting in left side panel
    • Windows Firewall - Change Notification Setting
  • Here,Windows Firewall Protection is ON (see in image below). If you want to disable it, select the option Turn Off Windows Firewall. But turning off it means you will not have any firewall protection. So we strongly recommend to keep it turn ON.
    • Windows Firewall Status

How to Allow a Program to Communicate through Windows Firewall?

  • Open Windows Firewall from Control Panel
  • Click Allow a Program or Feature through Windows Firewall to open the Windows Firewall Program Settings window.
    • Windows Firewall - Windows Firewall Setting
  • Click on Allow Another Program.
    • Windows Firewall - Add Program in Windows Firewall
  • You will find a list of installed programs in your machine.
    • Windows Firewall - Installed Program List
  • If you can’t find a program which you want to add here, click on Browse button then find your program and click on Add, otherwise skip this step.
  • Confirm the check box is checked before your program name. Click on OK.

Note: If you want to block a program to communicate through firewall then select your program from list (by following steps given above) and click the Remove button then click on OK. If you want to block it temporary then Uncheck the checkbox and click on OK.

How to Add a Trusted Site to Windows Firewall?

  • Open Control Panel
  • Click on Network and Internet
    • Windows Network and Internet
  • Click on Internet Options
    • Windows Firewall - Internet Options
  • Select Security tab. Click on Trusted Sites icon. Click on Sites.
    • Windows Firewall - Internet Properties
  • It will open a Trusted Sites list. Enter the website URL into textbox which you want to add as a Trusted Site, click on Add. Here, you can add any number of trusted sites from your choice. After you finish adding your trusted sites to list, click on Close.
    • Windows Firewall - Trusted Sites
  • You can now close the Internet Properties window by clicking on OK.

How to Allow a Program/Game Through Firewall?

How to Allow a Program to Communicate through Firewall?

How to Use Multiple Firewalls at the Same Time?

You should never use multiple firewalls together as they will probably conflict, and can cause system errors that will not normally happen if you run either of the firewalls separately. We highly recommend you not only disable, but also uninstall completely other firewalls you have.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) about Windows Firewall

What could happen if I don’t use Firewall?

Without a firewall, your internal network is under constant threat of unauthorized access, security breach, data theft, hackers, malware, unauthorized outgoing information, or anything that might put you or your device at risk. A firewall sometimes even prevents outgoing traffic from visiting certain websites or web pages to keep it safe from the unsafe environment.

Do I Need Windows Firewall if I have Antivirus?

Yes. As with an antivirus program, your computer should only have one software firewall enabled and running. Having more than one firewall can cause conflictions and often prevent your Internet from working properly.

What are Essential elements of a Firewall Policy?

Determine what traffic your firewall allows and what is blocked. Examine the control information in individual packets, and either block or allow them according to the criteria that you define. Control how the firewalls protect your network from malicious programs and unauthorized access.

Can Firewall Stop Viruses?

A firewall will not protect you from viruses and other malware. A firewall limits outside network access to a computer or local network by blocking or restricting ports. Firewall helps to prevent your computer from communicating with other computers on the network and Internet.

What is a Firewall Configuration?

A firewall exists between your computer and the network. It determines which services on your computer remote users on the network can access. A properly configured firewall can greatly increase the security of your system.

Why Hardware Firewall is the Best?

Hardware firewalls allow you to protect your entire network from the outside world with a single physical device. Dedicated hardware firewalls require advanced IT knowledge to install and usually require a dedicated IT employee or department to monitor and manage once installed.

Is a Software Firewall Necessary?

It’s important to use at least one type of a firewall like a hardware firewall (such as a router) or a software firewall. If you already have a router, leaving the Windows firewall enabled provides you with security benefits with no real performance cost. Therefore, it’s a good idea to run both.

To know more about Windows Firewall, click here.

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