What is a Domain Name? Types of Domain?

What is a Domain Name and Types of Domain
What is a Domain Name and Types of Domain

What is a Domain Name?

In general, a domain represents it’s identity for any website. A domain name is the address using which users can access a website. For Example, Google.com, YouTube.com, Facebook.com are the examples of domain name. Let me explain you in the details. Confused??? Let me explain you.

Suppose you buy a new house and someone wants to meet you at your new home. But they will need an address to reach your home. Here, Your house is a website and domain is like a address of your website.

Company NameIP addressDomain name

Domain Name VS IP Address

Now, most of us use these websites in day-to-day life. But, if someone asks you to access Google / Facebook / YouTube using its IP address, will it be easy to remember? No, it will be very tough task to remember multiple IP addresses for different websites. So, what would you like to remember? Obviously, you remember google.com instead of IP address of google. A domain name is a website’s Actual name which is located after the www part in the URL.

To remember bunch of IP address will be very tough task for anyone. To access websites with ease there is a service called Domain Name. google.com, facebook.com, youtube.com are the examples of domain name.  Websites are accessed using it’s IP address.

Domain names are used in place of IP addresses to help users identify a website without having to remember a bunch of numbers (IP address). Every domain name has to be unique and two domains can’t be same. You have to register a domain name before using it. If someone has already purchased the domain abcd.com then you can’t purchase the same domain. What to do if your preferred domain is already purchased?

What is a Sub Domain Name?

Sub Domain is like a category in your website. For example, You have a website for information about cricketers and your website domain is www.cricketersinfo.com. Now, you have a categories in cricketer articles like indian cricketers, australian cricketers etc. See the table given below.

CategorySub Domain PartURL (Sub Domain)
Indian CricketersIndiaindia.cricketersinfo.com
African CricketersAfricaafrica.cricketersinfo.com
Bangladeshi CricketersBangladeshbangladesh.cricketersinfo.com

A subdomain is the portion of a URL that comes before the Main domain name. Here, www.cricketersinfo.com is your main domain and country name is your sub domain. You can choose anything as your sub domain.

What is a Domain Name Status?

Domain has also status like Active or Inactive. Like any medicine, it has also expiry date. When a domain expires it becomes inactive immediately and all the services attached to it cease to function. You can’t make any updates to the domain while it is expired. So, never forget to renew your domain before expiry. After sometime (like 30-45 days of domain expiry), expired domain becomes available to public and anyone can buy that expired domain.

What is Website Suffix in Domain Name?

In shorts, Website Suffix is like a surname of any website. Website suffix is used to identify the type of website and it is placed after website name in the URL (end part of the domain name).

For example, my name is Ronak Patel. Here, Ronak is my name and Patel is my surname. So, by knowing my surname you can easily find my religion and cast. In terms of website, if domain is google.com, then google is the website name and.com is the surname of website means type of website is commercial. There are many domain suffixes are approved by ICANN. In the table below, some website suffix examples are available for your reference.

.comCommercial  Website
.govGovernment Website
.inIndian Website
.orgNon Profit Organization Website
.netNetworking Technology Company Website
.eduEducational Institution
.bizBusiness Website
.milMilitary Website
.usUnited States Website
Some Popular Domain Name Suffixes Meaning

The lise is very long but these are is the most commonly used domain suffixes. Please note that in some cases, it is not compulsory that domain suffix represent a type of website. Because some organizations can have .com suffix also, it’s upon their choice.

Every country has their own domain suffix and its purpose is to keep website limited in that particular country. For example, .in website is can not be seen in search result outside India. If anyone have full website address or IP address of website then he/she can access the website but not from search result.

It’s not completely limited scope to use region restricted site. You can use region restricted site using IP address, VPN etc. But the BEST is VPN.

What to do if your preferred domain is already purchased?

Now, think of the case where you want to buy a domain name for your business or personal website and you check the domain on the internet if domain is available or not. Then you find that domain is already purchased by someone else.

But you might can have options. Like you can buy a domain name abcd2.com, abcd.in, abcde.com whatever is available on the internet. If you are looking to register a domain and find that it has already been registered, you can try to buy a domain name from the existing owner.

In this case if you want to buy that particular domain then you have to contact existing owner of the domain. Don’t you know how to do that? Let me tell you that anyone can find the existing owner name of the domain. Just google it: whois. Choose any of the website from the list displayed on your google web page. Here are the top used website to find the owner name of existing domain name owner. (1) whois.com (2) ICANN Lookup (3) who.is

How to find Domain Name Owner?

Before couple of months, I made a website for my client and planned to publish it on the Internet. But, when I go to register a domain for my client, I found that domain is already sold to someone. Now, what to do? My client had decided to own that domain at any cost.

Then I tried to find that person’s contact information who had purchased that domain already. After a little bit of effort, I found contact information and gave those contact details to my client. Later, he deal with that person and re-bought that domain.

To find out who owns a domain, you can use a WHOIS domain lookup service. There are several services that allow you to find out who owns a domain, without any cost. Here, we will use domain lookup service provided by icann.org. Let’s get started.

  • Open your browser and search icann lookup.
  • Click on first link displayed in google search page.
  • Now, in the search box, enter the domain name that you want to search for, then Press Enter.
  • Scroll down page and You will find the details about the domain owner’s name, domain registration date, domain expiry date, owner’s contact information etc.

Let me tell you a mind blowing fact. Some years ago, XiaoMi (a very popular mobile manufacturer company) purchased a domain mi.com for a 3.6 Million Dollar (approx 26 crore and 55 lacs in Indian Rupees).

In some cases, a domain owner has domain name privacy as an add-on feature, their information will be kept private and you will not be able to find their information. So, we can say that they are not interested in domain selling or they want to hide their identity.

Now, you know very well about what is a Domain name. If this post helped you then please share it with your friends and family to know about it. If you have any questions then feel free to ask in comment section. We will try our best to help you. Have a great time.

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