MX Player: Top 10 Amazing MX Player Features

MX Player Top 10 Amazing Features android video player
MX Player Top 10 Amazing Features of Android Video Player

MX Player is a Best Android Video Player which is able to play any type of video file. If you don’t use it, I strongly recommend to download MX player from here. Because this android video player is not just limited to play videos, it has much more functions to use. Let’s start.


Generally, any stock video player (Built in Video Player in your mobile), is able to play very common video formats (like 3GPP, MPEG-4, and WebM etc). But, Mx is the master player in the game. It can play more than 9-10 video formats like AVI, MP4, FLV, MKV, MOV, 3GP, DIVX, F4V, MPEG, FLV, MOV, VOB, WMV, WEBM and many more. And these are the most commonly used video formats but not supported by the stock video player.

mx player features playback feature
Playback Feature

In addition, If you have the device with high configuration of hardware (good hardware processing speed) then MX Player is the Best Android Video player to watch videos offline and online also. Yes, You read it Right…!!! MX player can Play full HD videos Online Also.

In Offline watching, if you are watching from the memory card , You just need the Higher Class (SD card Class 6) of Memory Card for better performance.

Note: The SD card Class Version number indicates the Higher Data Transfer Rate and thus the Higher Performance.

This android video player also supports hardware and software decoders and you can toggle the decoder even while watching the video. Hardware decoding can save the battery and make the video load faster, but in older mobiles some file formats are supported by the hardware. In this case, the software decoding can do work for you. You just need to switch between decoders and you are done. Software decoding will use more battery, but the video quality will be much better.

Note: You can switch between the decoders while the video is playing, to see which one is better for you.


I Prefer watching video with English subtitles in the following reason (these reasons could be yours too)

  1. Whenever I watch movie/video with a different language than English
  2. Sometimes video can be with very lower sound/voice

In MX Player, we can select our subtitle file manually using our file manager or file explorer. And do you know the beauty of MX Player’s Subtitle selection feature???

Yes…!!!   It’s Automatic Subtitle Selection. If the subtitle file has the same name as the video file, and it is located in the same folder, MX Player will automatically detect a subtitle file of your video when you start/play a video. And the text in the subtitle is crystal clear (which is a very tough task for other video players).

You can drag and drop the subtitle on the screen to change its position and pinch to zoom to change the font size while watching the video in parallel.


This android video player supports a set of swipe gestures which are very useful when playing a video. List is given below:

MX Player Features Swipe Gestures
MX Player Features: Swipe Gestures

  • Screen Brightness: left side of the screen, used with one finger
    • swipe up for increment
    • swipe down for decrement
  • Video Volume: right side of the screen, used with one finger
    • swipe up for increment
    • swipe down for decrement
  • Video Playback Speed: Swiping with two fingers
    • swipe up for increment
    • swipe down for decrement
  • Seek Through the Video: swiping left or right using one finger

These swipe gestures are very useful in video playback and are very well done in the MX player.


Sometimes we need to know about videos like what is the size of video, where your video is stored in file explorer, what is the video quality etc. MX player is capable to display these important data without much trouble. Let’s see how to achieve this.

mx player features display fields
Display Fields

Open Menu (three vertical dots) and then select option View Menu. choose your desired option(s) in Fields Section. Options are described below.

  • Thumbnail: Displays your video thumbnail, so you can get idea of what about video is without playing video.
  • Lenth: Displays Video Length in Minutes
  • File Extension: Displays your File Extension (.mp4, .mkv, .avi, .mov etc)
  • Played Time: Displays when was your video played last time
  • Resolution: Displays your video Resolution in Pixels, so you can get the idea about video quality without playing video
  • Frame Rate: Displays Frame Rate of your video
  • Location: Displays Full Path of your file
  • Size: Displays your file/folder size in KB/MB/GB
  • Date: Displays when was your file created


Nowadays, everyone prefers to watch videos online. But, what if your data package is finished or due to some technical reason your internet is not working or working very slow. So it is still a good option to download videos in your device and then watch it offline.

If you have downloaded videos in your mobile then there is a high probability that those videos will not be in same folder. All of those videos will be in different folders. So, if you are watching videos from different folders then you might have to switch folders while watching videos. Instead of doing that just create a playlist and add videos to that playlist. Now you can watch your favourite videos continuously without switching the folders or worrying about internet speed.


mx player features safe content mode
Safe Content Mode

Few months ago, MX player have brought a function of watching videos online and as we know adult content is also available in MX player. So, if any child is using MX player and his/her parents wants to hide adult content in MX player then they can hide it very easily. In a tap of finger any person can ON safe content mode and can keep away their child from adult content.

Please note that this feature does not hide adult content in your mobile like downloaded videos or whatsapp videos. It just hides the adult content which is available online in MX player.


Sometimes it’s very diificult to deal with low sound in our favourite video/movie. But you can handle it using MX Player. If the software decoder is enabled for the video, then you can boost the volume up to 200% (same function as VLC video Player), so you will not have to focus really hard on quiet videos anymore. But I suggest you not to use this function in each video file you are playing, use it only whenever you need it hardly (like low sound video) because it can damage your speaker also. So, be careful.


Many times we have multiple files in our mobile. So sometime we can’t find the file at the time when we need. MX player has the superb feature called Sort. Using this feature we can find our file very easily. Yes, I know that we can find the file using Search function also. But this function is very useful when we want to sort our files. We can sort the files using various File attributes like Title, Date, Played Time, Length, Size, Resolution, Frame Rate, Type etc.

mx player features sorting

  • File Title: Sorts the Videos in A-Z or Z-A format
  • File Date: Sorts the Videos When was your file created (1 hour ago, Yesterday, 2 days ago)
  • Played Time: Sorts the Videos according to Played Time like Recently Played, 5 minute ago, 1 day ago etc
  • Length: Sorts the Videos in File Length in minutes
  • Size: Sorts the Videos in size like KB/MB/GB
  • Resolution: Sorts the Videos in Pixels (Video Quality)
  • Frame Rate: Sorts the Videos using Video Frame Rate like 15fps, 25fps, 30fps etc. Here, fps stands for Frame Per Second
  • Type: Sorts the Videos according to Video Type like .mp4, .mkv, .avi, .mov etc


MX Player is not bounded to play your local video files (videos in your phone or memory card), we can use MX Player to play network streams also. In following cases we can use MX player to play online videos (you don’t need to configure anything).

(1) By opening video link in android browser

(2) By entering the video URL manually in MX Player


mx player features equalizer

Equalizer is one of the best feature in MX player features. Using Equalizer you can control the effects of any audio. There are many built in audio effects are available in MX player and you can create an effect of your choice also (known as custom effect). You can also adjust Bass Boost and Virtualizer effects also.

So, these reasons make MX Player the best video player in android. To download MX player for your android mobile please click here.

As we know, list of MX player features is likely non-ending list. Because MX player updating it day to day. I hope this post helps you to learn MX player features. If you got any help from this post then please share this post with your friends and family. If you have any question in your mind or facing any issue then feel free to ask your question in comment section. We will try our best to help you.

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