Top 1: Internet Download Manager (IDM) and IDM Extension

Internet Download Manager (IDM) and IDM Extension
Internet Download Manager (IDM) and IDM Extension

What Is Internet Download Manager?

Internet Download Manager is a software to increase your downloading speed. All latest browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox are comes with built-in downloaders. However, these built-in download managers are best for downloading small size files. But, to download big size files, you need a downloader that can download files faster. Download: Internet Download Manager

IDM is software that helps users decrease the time spent on downloading files by up to one fifth. The tool is also utilized in scheduling downloads and ensuring that they resume when computer functions are interrupted. Common interruptions to computer downloads include connectivity issues, device shutdowns, sudden power blackouts and loss of connection to the internet.

If you frequently download things like videos, software’s and games from the internet then you probably know about IDM. Most people use Internet Download Manager (IDM) because of the download speed it provides. It provides faster download speed than any other downloader available on the internet.

It is generally observed that Internet Download Manager (IDM) is faster in downloading as compared to popular web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Opera etc. IDM’s functions are accelerated by a smart logic feature that segments files and downloads them safely but quickly. It is unique from other downloaders because the process of downloading the segmented files allows reuse of limited connections and existing access privileges without need for further logins.

IDM Features:

  • Accelerates downloads up to 5x
  • Can pause and resume downloads
  • Downloads faster than any browser
  • Can schedules downloads
  • Supports a download from wide range of browsers
  • Can download multiple files at same time
  • Sets download limits
  • Advanced browser integration
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Download files with one click
  • Supports drag-and-drop interface
  • Supports multiple proxy server types

Typically a download manager accelerates by making multiple simultaneous connections to the remote server. I believe IDM may actually make multiple requests to the same file at the same time, and thus trick the server into providing higher bandwidth through the multiple connections. Servers are typically bandwidth limited on a per-connection basis, so by making multiple connections, you get higher total bandwidth.

How to Use IDM

Copy download link of the file from web browser and if the file is supported by IDM, the program will automatically fetch the link. Just In case, if IDM fails to fetch link automatically, then you can download file by pasting a link in IDM. Here is the process.

  • To download a new file, copy a download link of file and then simply click Add URL button in IDM window. It will open a window and your copied link will paste there automatically. If link is not pasted automatically then paste the download link in the textbox (shown in image). After pasting the link click on OK button.
    • internet download manager - paste download link
  • Start downloading by clicking the Start Download button.
    • Internet Download Manager - IDM download box
  • Use the Pause button to postpone the download of a selected file.
  • Stop/Stop All buttons are used to suspend file downloads.

Organize Your Downloads in IDM

Since you can collect and store all your download links via IDM, it’s a great way to organize and keep track of all your downloads in one place. The Home window displays list of all files which are downloaded or pending for download. IDM can download files at an accelerated speed because it downloads in multiple streams as opposed to a standard single stream.

If your download gets interrupted for any reason in browser then you’ll have to start all over again. But in IDM if the download process gets interrupted, IDM can resume the downloading exactly where it was left off. IDM also allows you to download multiple files at once. However, you can set how many files to download at one time and the other ones can be queued for downloading at a later time.

Sometimes we need to download multiple files at same time. If you use any browser for download multiple files then it could be very annoying. Like if you are downloading files in any browser, do you have any option to set which file you want to download first? Nope. But in IDM, you can manage and organize your downloads very easily. Let’s have a look.

How to Organize Your Downloads in IDM

First of all, place all of the download links in IDM. Here, I m downloading 5 songs and 1 software. But, by mistake I placed software at first place to download. Now, I want to listen new songs (not online) while working. But in this situation, I can play songs only after software download process get finished. Don’t worry. IDM can manage these things very easily. I will place software at last place in download list and songs will be downloaded first. So I can listen songs while working.

  • Once your download queue is ready, click on Scheduler. It will open the scheduler window to organize your downloads.
    • Internet Download Manager - IDM scheduler button
  • Click on Files in the Queue tab.
    • Internet Download Manager - IDM files in the queue tab
  • Select your file to change place in list. Now use Up Internet Download Manager - IDM organize downloads up button or Down Internet Download Manager - IDM organize downloads down button arrow button to move your file. You can also use drag and drop feature to move files in the list.
  • After organizing your downloads, Click on Close button to close the window.
  • Tip: If you notice, there is a number written in textbox with up and down arrow button placed at top of your download list. Whatever the number is written in textbox, IDM will download that number of files at same time.
    • Internet Download Manager - IDM number of downloads

Is IDM Free?

No, IDM is not a free software. It has a Trial Period of 30 days, but later you’ve to pay the small amount for the lifetime license of this software. And I am sure you will not regret if you buy the Internet Download Manager. Just try it.

How to Add IDM Extension from Google Store

To install the Internet Download Manager extension in chrome, you must have IDM installed on your computer.

  • If IDM is already installed on your computer then use the following link to add the IDM extension in chrome. Install Internet Download Manager Extension
  • After that, click on Add to Chrome button placed at top right corner of windows.
  • Now click on add extension to install Internet download manager extension in chrome. You will see the IDM logo on top-right corner of Google Chrome where all installed extension logos are.

How to Add IDM Extension Manually (Drag and Drop)

When you install Internet Download Manager, idm extension is added automatically to your default browser.  Whenever you are watching any video on YouTube or any other site, you will see Download this video tab appears on top of it. If you are seeing this tab then IDM is working perfectly. If not then there might be a problem in the IDM extension for chrome browser. Please follow the steps given below to add IDM extension manually.

  • Open Google Chrome. And then, click on the three dots on the top right corner of the chrome browser.
  • Navigate to More tools option where you will find extensions option.
  • Click on the Extensions. After that, the chrome browser extension window will open, keep it open.
  • If the extension is already installed then remove the IDM extension. You can do that by clicking on the Remove button.
  • Now, open Windows File Explorer by pressing Windows button and E simultaneously from keyboard.
  • Open the drive where you have installed Internet download manager. Then find and open Program Files (x86) folder.
  • After that, find the folder named Internet Download Manager and open it.
  • Now, look for the IDMGCExt.crx file and then drag and drop the file on Google Chrome extension page.
  • The following message may appear on your computer screen.
    • Extensions, apps, and themes can harm your computer. Are you sure you want to continue?
  • Click on continue, to install the Internet Download Manager extension in chrome browser.
  • Now open any site from where you want to download any file (like video, software, games etc) and check if the Internet Download Manager extension is working properly or not. For example, if you are downloading any video file then If Download this Video tab appear on top of the video then this means Internet Download Manager extension is added successfully.

How to Check IDM Browser Integration Settings

  • Open internet download manager and Click on options.
  • After that, you have to check if Use advanced browser integration is enabled or not.
  • If it’s not then enable this option to add extension in chrome.
  • Also, check if your favourite browser is selected (like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox) is enabled under Capture downloads from the following browsers list. If your browser is not selected then check the checkbox of your browser.
  • You can skip this step if your browser is selected in Capture downloads from the following browsers list. Otherwise click on Add browser button. You will see a message box. Click on OK button of message box.
  • Now, select your file from dialouge box and click on OK.
  • If this does not solve the problem then there is only one thing you can do and that is adding the extension manually. There are many IDM integration module extensions in Chrome Web store but there are many fake extensions on web store. We will provide the direct link of the extension for your convenience. So that you don’t have to waste time searching the extension in the chrome web store. Here is the link: Install Internet Download Manager Extension

How to Update Internet Download Manager

  • Open internet download manager and click on Help.
  • Now click on Check for Updates.
    • Internet Download Manager - IDM Update
  • If you are using the old version then it will start downloading the latest Internet Download Manager version and updates will be installed on your computer/laptop. And if you are using the latest version then you will see the following message.
    • You are using the latest version of Internet Download Manager. Please check back again for updates at a later time.

Using Internet Download Manager, you can download that file at accelerated speeds. This works incredibly well if you’re listening to music or downloading a very big file or streaming a video. If you’re looking for an application to download videos or huge size software from sites then IDM is a good download manager to consider.

Now, you know very well about how to use Internet Download Manager in windows. If this post helped you then please share it with your friends and family to know about it. If you have any questions then feel free to ask in comment section. We will try our best to help you. Have a great time.

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