How to Clean Registry in Windows 7, 8, 10, 11?

Clean Registry in Windows
Clean Registry in Windows

Why Should You Clean Registry in Windows?

In previous post, we discussed about What is a Registry and How to backup and restore registry?

Registries are very important part of windows operating system. But, sometimes bad registries can decrease your device performance. So, removing bad registries can improves system performance and makes the functioning of your computer smoother and faster.

For example, registry is going to be stored with software installation. But in some cases these registry can’t be removed with software uninstall, at that time it becomes necessary to clean registry. These registries are known as embedded registry. Embedded registries are used to store data like software license. So Software Company can prevent their product piracy. But these keys and values left behind into system with software uninstallation and can impact your device performance.

For an error free system with good performance, it is very important to clean registry and maintain good registry health by keeping it free from unnecessary information. The best method to take care of your system registry is to use registry cleaner software to clean registry or remove bad registry. Registry cleaner software helps you scan, repair, and clean the Windows registry, keeping it free from information that is obsolete, redundant, or invalid.

A healthy registry helps you in maintaining the highest level of system performance. There are many registry cleaner software’s are available but we are going to use here CCleaner to clean registry. A reason to choose CCleaner is, it’s a lightweight and it comes with a many more good and valuable functions in a free version. CCleaner have features like Health check, Custom Clean, Registry Cleaner, Drive wiper and many more. One another very important function in CCleaner is Driver Updater, but you can use it only after purchasing the product.

How to Clean Registry / Remove Bad Registries (Registry Junk)?

CCleaner software is completely safe to use and in CCleaner you will find many more great functions and registry cleaner is one of them. Don’t forget to create a system restore point for system safety. So you can have your system back (as before registry operations) if anything goes wrong. Let’s start.

First of all, download CCleaner from here if you don’t have already.

  • Select the option Registry from menu placed at left side of the window. Please ensure that all of the options are checked in the left pane under Registry Cleaner (see image).
    • Clean Registry - Select All
  • Click on Scan for Issues button. Now, the program will scan all of your registries to find the faulty/bad registries. If you are doing this very first time then scanning process can be a little bit time consuming. After completing the scan you will find a list of registries which can be removed.
    • Clean Registry - Scan For Issues
  • Now, click on Review selected Issues button.
    • Clean Registry - Review Selected Issues
  • You will see a message asking for a registry backup. Click on Yes. Please note that If you select No then program will skip a registry backup and will continue to remove bad registries.
    • Clean Registry - Click on Yes for Registry Backup
  • Now, system will show you a dialog box to save a backup file. Select your location to save registry backup. You can also choose a name to save a backup file. If you don’t, then system will save your backup file using timestamp format (cc_date_time.reg). Click on Save.
    • Clean Registry - File Save Timestamp
  • If issues in a list are more than one, then you will see a Fix Issue and Fix All Selected Issues buttons otherwise you will see a button Fix Issue only. So depending on a number of issues, click on a Fix Issue button or a Fix All Selected Issues button to clean registry. This will delete faulty/bad registries from your system in a single click while Fix Issue button will clean only one registry and you can use Clean Registry - Left Right Button buttons to read a description about bad registry.
    • Clean Registry - Buttons
  • Click on Close. Remember, if anything happens wrong, we have already backup of these registries. Don’t you know how to restore a registry backup, click here to know.

The biggest advantage of removing registry through CCleaner is, you don’t need to search in all registries to find bad registries or a registry junk. Because this method will not backup the entire registry or all registry keys and values but it will backup registries only that are found in issues.

Now, you know very well about how to clean registry in windows. If this post helped you then please share it with your friends and family to know about it. If you have any questions then feel free to ask in comment section. We will try our best to help you. Have a great time.

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