How To Change Or Create Windows Cursor (in 2 ways)

How To Change Or Create Windows Cursor Online
How To Change Or Create Windows Cursor (in 2 ways)

Do you know that you can change your Windows Cursor better known as mouse arrow? Yes, you can change your Windows Cursor, size of arrow and color of arrow according to your need. Mouse arrow is also known as Pointer.

We can change Windows Cursor very easily. But the point is if you want to use your custom cursor what to do then? Don’t worry. Here is the way.

There are multiple ways to create your custom cursor, but here we will see two methods. Let’s start step by step.

How to Create or Design a Custom Windows Cursor Online

To create a Windows Cursor online you have to open a website named and then go to online cursor editor page. Or click here to open

How To Change Or Create Windows Cursor

By opening a web page given above you will find the canvas on the page. There are many tools available to design a cursor like

  • Canvas: To draw/design a cursor of your choice.
  • Templates: Ready to use pre-designed cursor templates.
  • Toolbox: Pencil, Eraser, Shapes are available for your convenience.
  • Color Picker: Pick your favorite color to make your cursor more colorful. You can use color code too. You are free to use multiple colors while designing a cursor.
  • Color Shadow: Set your color with mixture of Black and White Shadow. It is used to set cursor brightness.
  • Transparency Slider: Choose the transparency of cursor.
  • Effects: Set a Hue, Saturation and Dark Shadow in designed cursor.
  • Pixel Mode: Select your pixel mode with Blend Pixels or Replace Pixels.
  • Preview: Preview Box will show you that how your cursor will look alike.

After finishing your job, just click on Download button to save a cursor in your laptop/pc. I suggest you to create a folder named cursors and put all of your custom cursors in the folder to use it in future.

How to Create a Custom Windows Cursor from an Image

In Windows, .cur is recognized as a cursor file. Without converting image into a cursor file your image is like a not for use. There is another option available to create a custom windows cursor instead of draw a cursor in canvas.  In this method, you can use your existing image to create a cursor.

Note: Before you use an image to convert into a cursor, don’t forget to remove the white area from the image. Because it will make a cursor look bad. There are many application and softwares available to remove white space from an image. Pick your favorite one. If your image is in the png format then it will be great. Because png format supports a Greater Bit Depths and Lossless Compression.

  • Open your favorite browser
  • To convert your image online into a cursor file we need a file converter. If you have software or an application then go ahead otherwise go to website.

About Convertio: Convertio has an online file conversion utility. You can convert from one format to another format, no matter whatever the file type is. It has more than 200 supported formats in multiple category like Video, Audio, Document, Font, Archive, Vector etc. You can select file from your mobile, laptop/PC or upload from Google Drive, Dropbox or paste an image link from internet. Open a website from here.

Note: It doesn’t matter if you choose to use another website. Our aim is to convert an image into a .cur.

  • Upload your file from your device.
  • Select/change your image format (png, jpg) in first drop down list and then choose cur from image category in second drop down list. You can select or upload multiple files too.
  • Click on Convert button. After conversion of your file you will be redirected to another webpage.
  • Click on Download to save the converted file in your device.

How to Change a Cursor in Windows?

  • Open Start Menu by clicking on Start Button or by pressing the Windows Button from keyboard.
  • Type Mouse in the search box. You will see the list of mouse related settings and then Click on Mouse.
    • Change Windows Cursor - Open Mouse Settings
  • Switch to the Pointers tab.
  • Click on Browse. It will open the dialog box to select your cursor file.
    • Change Windows Cursor - Pointers Tab
  • Go to the location where your cursor file is saved (which you converted from an image).
  • Select your cursor file and click on Open. Please note and ensure that in Customize section, Normal Select is highlighted in blue color.
    • Change Windows Cursor - Normal Selected Highlighted
  • Click on Apply and then OK. You are done. Now, your cursor should be changed.

Now, you know very well about How to Create and Change Windows Cursor. If this post helped you then please share it with your friends and family to know about it. If you have any questions then feel free to ask in comment section. We will try our best to help you. Have a great time.

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