Shortcut in Windows | How to Create a Shortcut in Windows 7/8/10

Shortcut in Windows - How to Create a Shortcut in Windows 7-8-10
Shortcut in Windows – How to Create a Shortcut in Windows 7-8-10

How to Create a Shortcut in Windows 7/8/10? Everybody loves Shortcut. Like a shortcut to success, shortcut to earn huge money, shortcut of fame etc. Shortcut never can be right way in the life. But, in our technical world, shortcut is the very great thing to use.

For example, people always prefer to access a program or folder using shortcut. Whenever we install a new program, system will create shortcut automatically on the desktop. We don’t need to deal with creating shortcut.  But sometimes we have stored many more data in the form of folder to folder to folder. It can be little boring and difficult to deal with these type of folder hierarchy. And it can be more boring when we have to deal with it again and again.

At that time, shortcut could be very useful and easy to use. Because we have to create a shortcut only once and it will do the job in a single click whenever we need it. To create a shortcut for a program, songs folder, movie folder or any other windows function like calculator, command prompt, magnifier etc. You can create it by yourself without much more effort. Here, is the multiple ways to create a shortcut. For your knowledge, Shortcut is also known as Desktop Icon. We will see here about how to create a shortcut of file or folder, shortcut of website, shortcut of program etc.

Create a Shortcut using Full Path/Address of Program

  1. Go to your desired location (Desktop or any other folder) and right click in any blank area. This will open a Context Menu. Click on New and then select Shortcut. You will see the Create Shortcut wizard.
    • Create a Shortcut in Windows - Context Menu
  2. Next window will ask you to enter a location of the item for which you want to create a shortcut. You can enter the address of program in two ways.
    • Method-1: Just copy the full path/address of your installed program and Paste it in the text area of wizard.
      • Create a Shortcut in Windows - Program Path
    • Method-2: You can simply browse for the location by clicking on Browse button and then select the exe file of program. For example here, we are going to create a shortcut of Paint program.
      • Create a Shortcut in Windows - Select Program Location
  3. Click on Next.
  4. Now, enter the Name for the shortcut. Click on Finish. You can copy or move the shortcut wherever you want to.
    • Create a Shortcut in Windows - Name of Shortcut

Create a Shortcut using Short Name of Program

Step-1: Open Create Shortcut wizard (Right Click –> New –> Select Shortcut).

Step-2: Here, we have to type the Short Name of Program (like notepad, mspaint, cmd etc) at the place where we had selected the program’s address in the previous step.

We are creating the shortcut of the pre installed windows program. So we don’t need to provide the address of program. Because System already knows the address of program. In other words, system will get the address automatically. Paint is the pre-installed program of the windows and short name of Paint is mspaint.

Note: If you don’t know the short name of program you can read/find here: Shortcut Name of Windows Pre-Installed Program.

Step-3: After entering a shortname of program, click on next and type a enter a name for the shortcut. You can choose an any name for the shortcut name. Finally, click on Finish.

Create a Shortcut of File or Folder using Window Explorer

  1. Locate a folder where your file is saved in File Explorer.
  2. Right click on your file. This will open a Context menu.
  3. Select Send to and then click on Desktop (Create Shortcut). It will create a shortcut on your desktop.
    • Create a Shortcut in Windows using Explorer

Using this method, you can also create a shortcut of any file. See the created shortcut of adobe folder in image given below. You can also copy or move the shortcut wherever you want to. It will not change an actual location of your folder/file.

Create a Shortcut in Windows - Shortcut on Desktop
Shortcut on Desktop

Create a Shortcut of Website

You might be thinking that why we need to create a shortcut of any website. Let me explain you. Because, by creating website shortcut we don’t need to remember website name and we don’t need to even type website address. I know that we can also bookmark a website in every browser. But, what if someone have lots of bookmarked website.

Actually, I had dozens of bookmarked website. So I created a folder on Desktop named WS Shortcuts and divided them category wise into sub folders. Like Songs, Movies, Softwares, Tools, Games etc. Now, let’s move onto creation of website shortcut.

  • Step-1: Open any website (for which you want to create a shortcut) in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox Browser. Unfortunately, this trick does not work in Microsoft Edge Browser.
  • Step-2: To the left side of the address bar find the symbol of Lock (known as Padlock) or Information button (i in a circle). Now, Drag the icon and Drop on Desktop or wherever you want to.

Note: In future, whenever you open the shortcut of website it will open in your default browser. No matter your default browser is chrome, firefox, edge or opera.

Generally, to open a word program in a laptop/pc is not a very big deal. But, When you are late to office and your sister tells you to open a word, then it will be little hard to open it if you have not placed a shortcut on your desktop.

But, you can open or run any program by its shortcut name. A shortcut name of any program is just like a pet name of any human.

How to Open any Program by its Short Name?

In this method, You don’t even need to know the address of a program or you don’t need to create a shortcut. By following the steps given below, you can open any program by its shortcut name in two ways.

Method- A: Open Program using RUN Box

  • Step-1: Open RUN window. To open a RUN, press Window Button and R from the keyboard simultaneously.
    • Open RUN box
  • Step-2: Type short name of program in RUN window and hit enter.
    • Open any Program From RUN

Method- B: Open Program using Search Box

  • Search a program name in the search box of the START MENU and hit enter.
    • Open any Program From Search Box
  • Here is the list of commonly used programs to create a shortcut in windows 7/8/10.

Now, you know very well about how to create a shortcuts in windows 7/8/10. If this post helped you then please share it with your friends and family to know about it. If you have any questions then feel free to ask in comment section. We will try our best to help you. Have a great time.

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