Best Virtual Keyboard: Use, Benefit, Disadvantage in Windows 7/8/10

Virtual Keyboard

What is a Virtual Keyboard?

A Virtual Keyboard is a software based keyboard. It is also known as On-Screen-Keyboard and Soft Keyboard. Virtual Keyboard used as an alternative to Physical Keyboard.

There is an inbuilt feature in windows, known as OSK (On-Screen-Keyboard) is an example of Virtual Keyboard. Another Example of On-Screen-Keyboard is a Gboard, which was created by the Google to use in the Operating Systems (Android, iOS).

On-Screen keyboard has a layout and buttons like a standard keyboard, including all letters, numbers, symbols, and system keys like Home, End, Insert, Page Up, Page Down, Ctrl, Alt, Caps, and Shift. It can be used instead of a hardware keyboard to type virtually.

Use of Virtual Keyboard

Basically, The On-Screen-Keyboard is designed to protect your password from malicious Spyware and Trojan Programs. Use of On-Screen-Keyboard will reduce the risk of password theft.

(1) Major advantage of Virtual Keyboard is the net banking security.

You might have seen On-Screen-Keyboard to login on home page of banking website. On-Screen Keyboard plays an very Important Role in Security of Net Banking. Because Virtual Keyboard represents an additional security measure for your peace of mind when banking or shopping online.

In the early times of net banking, hackers used your keyboard strokes to still your banking id and password. To prevent user from this type of hacking, banks have used On-Screen-Keyboard on home page to login.

Note that some banking sites have randomize the position of keys in OSK, it’s making little bit tough to get/guess password peoples near you.

(2) Suppose if your Physical Keyboard is damaged and you have to do some work in your computer then how will you do that? Here comes a On-Screen-Keyboard for your use.

How to Open / Access On Screen Keyboard in Windows?

Method- 1: Open On-Screen- Keyboard from the Start Menu.

  • Click Start or Press Windows button then type osk and press Enter.
    • Open Virtual Keyboard from Start Menu

Method- 2: Open On-Screen- Keyboard from the Control Panel

  • Open Control Panel from Start Menu.
    • Open Control Panel From Start Menu
  • Click on Ease of Access.
    • Ease of Access in Control Panel
  • Click on Ease of Access Center
    • Ease of Access Center in Control Panel
  • Click on Start On Screen Keyboard
    • Virtual Keyboard from Control Panel

Method- 3: Open On-Screen- Keyboard from the Run Box

  • Press Windows button and R simultaneously. A small box will be open which is Run box. Now type osk and hit the enter.
    • Open Virtual Keyboard from Run Box
Now you can use your On Screen Keyboard. For easier access in the future, you can right-click the On-screen keyboard icon on your taskbar and select Pin this program to taskbar.

Virtual Keyboard - Pin This Program to Taskbar

How to Use Numbers in On Screen Keyboard?

  • Open On-Screen Keyboard. Click on Options as shown in image. New Window will open.
    • Options in Virtual Keyboard
  • Tick the Checkbox of Turn on numeric key pad, and then Press OK.
    • Numeric Keyboard in Virtual Keyboard

Now you can use the Number pad in On Screen Keyboard.

How to Use Capital Letters in On-Screen-Keyboard?

  • Open On-Screen Keyboard and Click on Shift in On Screen Keyboard. Done.
    • Shift Keys in Virtual Keyboard

Note: You can switch Capital / Small letters by clicking on Shift. There are two Shift keys in On-Screen-Keyboard. Both are same. So, you can use whichever you want.

Download Virtual Keyboard for Windows

As above discussed Virtual Keyboard is already pre-installed in windows system. But if you don’t like a windows virtual keyboard and want to try out a new, you can download it from here. There are multiple options are available to download a Virtual keyboard like portable exe, portable zip, installation package exe and installation package zip. You can download as per your choice. You can find the customizable options also like to change theme colors, keyboard size, transparency of the keyboard, language and many more.

Advantages of Virtual Keyboard

By using Virtual keyboard, we don’t need physical keyboard. And Virtual keyboard does not require physical space on table or desk.

In the past, keystroke was the hot favorite trick of hackers to steal passwords, and keystrokes are very easy to get from a physical keyboard. While virtual keyboard can protect our online password (specially in net banking) from an attacker, malwares, spammers etc.

Dis-Advantages of Virtual Keyboard

  • Most of the users are not comfortable to use Virtual keyboard. Because you need to adjust the place of virtual keyboard on screen every time (in some case).
  • In physical keyboard, user can feel the touch of keys while pushing the keys down side. If user presses the key by mistake he/she will get it. While in Virtual keyboard every place of the screen provide the same feel.
  • By using Virtual keyboard in touch screen devices, screen can be dirty and dusty if it is going to be used for a long time. Normally, screen remains clean with the use of physical keyboard.
  • The user must also look directly down on the screen while typing and this can lead to neck injury or neck fatigue if he/she is typing for a long period.
  • In case of the larger device, use of Virtual keyboard can be very uncomfortable, and it can decrease the user productivity.
  • If screen is protected by cover, then typing accuracy could be down/low because of faulty touch input. And it can increase the time to complete the task.

Now, you know very well about virtual keyboard in windows 7/8/10. If this post helped you then please share it with your friends and family to know about it. If you have any questions then feel free to ask in comment section. We will try our best to help you. Have a great time.

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