Top 2 Android Launcher: Best And Simplest Android Launcher in Play Store

Android Launcher: Best And Simplest Android Launcher in Play Store
Android Launcher: Simplest and Best Android Launchers in Play Store

Android is the operating system which is used all over the world. No doubt, Android has it’s own beauty. When you purchase a brand new mobile or tablet it comes with a standard layout and interface (depending on the device manufacturer). Some of us like it and some dislike it. But thankfully, we can make changes in the android in our own way. Launcher is one of them.

What is an Android Launcher?

Launcher is the application in which we can customize our home screen layout. Launcher is just like any theme. But it is not limited like theme.

Android Launcher vs Android Theme

  • A theme is essentially a paint job. It changes the colours, the sounds, perhaps even the shape of some elements of an interface.
  • Whereas, the launcher on an Android device is the app which controls the home screen of your device.  Launcher can-
    • Change the transitions between home screen pages.
    • Add different functionality to folders.
    • Change how icon works.
    • Provide various graphical bling to the home screen.

Today, I am going to show you a very very simple but a gorgeously beautiful android launcher. I am using it from last couple of years. Can you believe I can’t think even to replace it. I am in deep love with it. The people who love simplicity will definitely love it. Here we are going to talk about 2 launchers.

ap15 Android Launcher features

  • You can download launcher ap15 from here or just search ap15 in play store.
  • It is very simple and easy to use. What makes it more beautiful is its simplicity.
  • It displays installed application name only, not icons. Application names are sorted alphabetically. So you can find an app with ease. Here is the look.
    • android launcher - ap15 home look
  • It is very small in size (about 1-2 mb). Due to its small size it is lightweight and can perform very fast. You don’t need to worry about RAM.
  • Using options from its menu you can play around lot of things like to change font, change background color/image, change font size and margin, hide/show system bars etc. Please have a look at image below.
    • android launcher - launcher preferences
  • It comes with bunch of pre loaded fonts. So you can select the fonts as per your choice. You can also load your own font stored in your mobile.
  • You can change the font color, font size, font shadow, vertical and horizontal margin between fonts/texts. If you use the font shadow function, and set the shadow color, font will look much more beautiful.
    • android launcher - font size and margin
  • You can set your favorite color (plain) as home screen wallpaper. You can also set any other wallpaper of your choice.
    • android launcher - color picker
  • It can hide/show applications without effort.
  • Another function is to hide/show System bars. You can change the color of system bar also.
    • android launcher - system bar color 2 android launcher - system bar color

Launcher indistractable features

  • You can download launcher indistractable from here or just search indistractable in play store.
  • Its a compact size application.
  • It has Minimalist Home Screen layout. Just swipe left side to open list of installed app in your mobile. To open preferences tap on three dots placed at bottom left corner of the screen.
    • android launcher - indistractable home look android launcher - indistractable app list
  • It has multiple Themes. Basically, it has 2 Theme mode. (1) Light Theme (2) Dark Theme
    • android launcher - indistractable theme setting
  • Using Launcher Preferences you can manage Hidden apps, Show app icons, Show status bar etc. You can also hide Clock, Date, Calendar, Weather from Launcher Preferences.
    • android launcher - indistractable preferences
  • Choose your favorite font and set font size as Small, Medium or Large.
    • android launcher - indistractable font setting android launcher - indistractable font size

In my opinion, these are the best android launchers in play store. Now, you know very well about these simple yet best Android Launchers. If this post helped you then please share it with your friends and family to know about it. If you have any questions then feel free to ask in comment section. We will try our best to help you. Enjoy blocking and have a great time.

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